washington's beef community united against hunger

In 2010, Washington's Beef Community set out to help our neighbors who need it the most. One in six people today struggle to get the food and nutrition they need. When cattle ranchers and feeders learned of the severe lack of high quality protein reaching the food bank system, Beef Counts was created to provide a consistent supply of zinc, iron, and protein rich beef to those in need. Each year Washington's Beef Community raises thousands of dollars to supply beef to Second Harvest and Food Lifeline to battle local hunger. Agri Beef Co. matches those donations, which represents at least $50,000 annually. Over half a million servings of high quality beef has reached hungry families with children, and seniors who need the nutrition found in beef to be healthy. Click below to join the effort through a secure, tax-deductible donation, and access the calendar for upcoming events to support Beef Counts.

About Beef Counts: Washington's Beef Community has united against hunger. Teamed up with Second Harvest and Food Lifeline, Washington's farmer and ranchers have been able to provide half a million servings of beef to neighbors in need. Without the beef, only 4% of the food distributed to families and seniors in need is high-quality protein. That works out to less than one ounce of protein per day for the average family of four, which falls way short of the USDA recommended six ounces of protein per day to maintain a healthy diet. Washington's farmers and ranchers are "meating" this need and you can help!  

join washington's farmers and ranchers in fighting hunger by making your secure, tax-deductible donation today!


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