Everything You Need to Know, and More

Choices, choices. Choices are awesome! But they can also be overwhelming. This is your one-stop guide to choosing and cooking delicious meals with beef. Want to research local beef purchasing options? Browse the local beef directory. Need to brush up on braising in time for fall and winter stew cravings? We've got a three-step guide. Did you impulse-buy all the seasonal, fresh produce at the store? We've got recipe inspiration for that.

How To: Buy Local

The Local Beef Directory was created to help you research local beef purchasing options.

How To: Choose Cuts

Use the Interactive Butcher Counter to get better acquainted with more beef cuts. You might find a new BFF (beef friend forever). 

How To: Cook Beef

Follow the easy 3-step guide to cooking beef any which way you please. Grill it, skillet, or braise it, show off skills tonight.

How To: Find Recipes

The Beef. It's What's for Dinner recipe library is overflowing with quick & easy meals your family will love. Check out our unique PNW inspired collections!

How To: Save Money

Get our top six tips for getting the most value and enjoyment out of your beef purchase. Don't forget to share your own tips on social media with #WABeefLove!

How To: Be Safe

Safety first! Our first priority is to provide you delicious, safe beef. Keep the food safety chain going at home with these important tips. 


Read Labels

Some beef labels you'll see today describe the way cattle were raised. Choices are great, but they are even better when you shop with the knowledge of what the label is really saying about the product, and what it's not.

Reading Beef Labels