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Shout out to the sports parents out there just doing their best to keep track of kids, schedules, and all. that. gear. They probably expect to be fed, too. Take a seat on the sideline or in the stands and search this selection of recipes to fuel your fit fam.

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Confetti Beef Tacos Horizontal

Confetti Beef Tacos

Surprise! Your kids' favorite Ground Beef taco gets the shake up when you mix in corn and chunky salsa for a slight twist on the classic taco. Taco night, veggified.


Beef Jerky Trail Mix

Super Snack

An on-the-go power snack that delivers healthy protein, carbs and fats to fuel your fitness can be quick and easy. Simply chop beef jerky and mix it into your favorite trial mix for a fast protein fix!

Mom Cooking Primavera Closeup

Beef Skillet Primavera

This Italian-inspired recipe is a one-pot stop on your way to a fast and easy family dinner. Delicious, fast, easy. Everybody wins. 


Protein Benefits

Why is protein such a big deal? Get the science behind beef's role in a healthy diet.

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Nutrients in Beef

Beef is a good or excellent source of 10 essential nutrients including protein, zinc, and iron.

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Fuel For Families

Just one serving of beef provides about 25 grams of protein. Which means working great nutrition into taco night, pizza night, or any night is a cinch.

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plan to succeed

7-Day Soccer Mom Meal Plan

Designed by parents, for parents. Give yourself a leg up in the meal planning game by working some of these options into your (practice and match-filled) week. 

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