Healthy Eating Hacks

A surefire way to save calories (and coin!) is to cook and eat at home more regularly. It's a healthy habit you may have, ahem, made some resolutions this year. From cutting down on your dish count to planning for leftovers, here are six hacks to keep you on track and avoiding the urge to go-out or take-out. 

1. One Dish Meals

Cooking is one thing. Dishes are the other thing. Make yourself just one clean sheet pan or skillet away from your Netflix binge.

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2. Use Less Ingredients

Just because you are cooking at home more doesn't mean you have a 25th hour of the day to scour the grocery aisles for all the things. Plus, more ingredients means more prep. Ain't nobody got time for that.

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3. Batch Cooking

Eating homemade everyday doesn't mean cooking everyday. A whole beef roast slow-cooked to fall apart tender or a few extra steaks thrown on your weekend grill can make for a more relaxed, more delicious week. Batch cooking is your friend.

How to Batch Cook Shredded Beef

How to Batch Cook Steak

4. Meal Prep

A week of make ahead breakfasts and quick pack-and-go lunches are the antidote to drive thru trips and coffee shop fare. Think microwavable, portable, and full of protein to keep you going all day long.

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5. Planned Overs

The word leftovers just doesn't do justice to the genius of transforming one meal into others. Monday's traditional pot roast becomes shredded beef Taco Tuesday. Steak and baked potato night becomes beef breakfast hash morning or a steak salad your co-workers will drool over.

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6. Get Saucey

Batch cooking, packing leftovers, prepping breakfasts... you've got it all figured out. But how do you keep it fresh, fun and flavorful? These sassy sauce and salsa recipes that will transform that one shredded roast into three totally different taste experiences!

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