30 Days, Countless Results

There's nothing worse than the 3pm hangries. Except for perhaps how you feel after you hit that vending machine, devouring the first sugary or salty snack you see. Don't worry, this is a judgement free zone, and we have a fix!

Research shows balancing protein rich foods like beef throughout your day can prevent the hangries and the junk food snackies. Join us in the 30-Day Protein Challenge to discover how your diet makes you feel, and how to get the most benefit from eating protein rich foods.

Resources Galore

A great way to eat better is to learn more about nutrition and take advantage of resources that make healthy eating realistic for real life. Guided nutrition journaling, pantry stocking tips, and recipes are just a few of the dietitian-designed tools available to you through the challenge. Get started today and share your insights on social media with #proteinchallenge, so we can root for you along the way! 

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Power Through the Challenge

Find delicious, protein-rich recipes in some of our favorite collections:

Protein Power

Power up with protein-rich beef options for every day part.

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Nutritious Meals

Make the most of your meal with recipes designed to maximize the nutrients your body can absorb. 

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Our Grilling Faves

Grilling beef is great for getting all the nutrition you need, and none of the extra calories you don't.

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