Beef. Beer. You're Welcome.

We've teamed up with Ellensburg based Iron Horse Brewery to bring you some delicious beef and beer-based shenanigans! 

Pick up your St. Patrick's Day corned beef and Irish Death beer from any Safeway or Albertsons in Washington. Win a beef and beer-y good time for yourself and friends via Instagram. Make a local chef-created recipe with, wait for it...corned beef and Irish Death beer.

If you have another :40 to spare, watch how a local rancher makes making local beer more sustainable by kinda sorta feeding it to his cattle. You're intrigued. Give it a watch.

win a swanky steak dinner + overnight stay + more from us and @Ironhorsebrewery

Putting corned beef and Irish Death in your cart makes you an automatic winner. But why stop there? Win a swanky steak dinner at Restaurant Basalt, a one-night stay at Hotel Windrow and $213 in cold hard cash. Entering via the Instagrams is easy: 

1. Follow us: @wabeeflove & @ironhorsebrewery

2. Find the post above and tag a buddy who would want to smash steaks and beer with you.

3. Triple your entries by making this recipe (get it below) & insta-bragging about it (tag us in your post).

No purchase necessary to win. Must be 21+ to enter.

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[ Beef. Beer. you're welcome.] Buy corned beef and Irish Death at Safeway & ALbertsons

Iron Horse Brewery and the Washington State Beef Commission invite you to lift a glass with us this month in a toast to Washington's finest ingredients.

Look for display and special deals on Corned Beef and Irish Death Beer at all Safeway and Albertsons stores between March 11th and St. Patrick's Day.

Get all the goodies you need at the store and whip up Chef Larkin Young's recipe for Corned Beef with Potatoes Colcannon & Irish Death Slaw.


Chef Larkin Young's Corned beef with potatoes colcannon & IRISH DEATH SLAW 

In 2019 Chef Larkin Young opened Restaurant Basalt at the new Hotel Windrow in downtown Ellensburg. He's bringing it in central Washington with some incredible experience and a desire to connect people with local ingredients. 

We invaded his kitchen with a camera one morning to film him making this St. Pat's perfect plate of Irish Death braised corned beef with all the trimmings. He even Irish Death'ed the slaw.

get the full recipe >

washington's finest ingredients: Beef and beer from here

Cows don't go around chugging growlers and slurping out of IPA-filled troughs, but they do enjoy the byproduct of beer brewing. The brewers grains leftover from the beer making process is mixed in with hay and fed in what is called a ration which Ellensburg rancher Kyler Beard says, " formulated by a PhD nutritionist, so it's not just two dumb cowboys out here with a shovel."

Without a local rancher like Kyler to partner with, the grains would have to be composted or landfilled. Instead, cattle convert it into delicious, protein-packed beef. If Kyler's cows could talk, they'd probably walk into the IHB Pub and say "You're Welcome."

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