Beef Resources

If you're a professional who provides beef to consumers in Washington, we want to get you the resources you need! Find the section that relates to your expertise and click to be directed to resources created for you by the national Beef Check Off.  If you're a butcher, a registered dietitian, a chef, distributor, or retailer and you need information about any beef topic, try these links, our FAQ page, or contact us. We are here to help.


Find cuts charts, cutting instructions, sales data, consumer trends and more.

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Food Service

Find beef recipes, menuing tips, consumer research, market insights and more. 

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Health and Nutrition

Get scientific research-based beef nutrition information, resources and healthy recipes to share with clients and patients.

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Facts About Beef

Do your customers or clients have questions about the safety, quality and nutrition of beef related to how it is raised? Find answers based in scientific research and expert explanations on a variety of beef production topics.

Free Beef Recipes

The Beef. It's What's for Dinner recipe library is the unrivaled source for triple-tested, home cook friendly beef recipes. The recipes are free for your use and reproduction to share with customers and clients who need help choosing recipes that fit their lifestyle, health goals and taste.