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Marinated Steak Salad

A salad is a side or a starter. A steak salad is a straight up meal. Kevin Curry of the Fit Men Cook fitness & health blogging community shows us how to make a protein and veggie packed taco salad with lean, flavorfully marinated Flank steak.

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3 Simple Steps

You are just three steps away from putting together an amazing variety beef meals like you've been doing it your whole life. Choose and click on the cooking method you'd like to master and clear up the mystery behind what it takes to make everything from the perfect medium rare steak to Julia Childs' style Beef Bourgignon. 


Steaks. Burgers. Kabobs. The barbecue is beef's BFF. All the squad needs is a grill master like you.

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Strips of lean steak, crisp veggies, and a delicious sauce is always the right recipe for a quick & easy dinner.

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Comfort food calls. Sear your beef roast, then set it to low and slow.  Get ready for the warm hug of dinners.

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Oven Roasting

Master this time honored tradition. Preferably before your first go with a big roast. For a big family. On a big holiday. 

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Skillet Cooking

No oven? No grill? No problem! Ground beef in a skillet on a stove top/electric burner is the start of many a home-cooked meal.

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Combine beef and veggies and flavors you love. Set to simmer. Instead of stewing over what's for dinner, relax and enjoy when ready. 

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If flavor had a color, it would be brown. Get juicy perfection on the inside with a savory, seasoned crust in just minutes.

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AKA the steakhouse secret. Create the magic at home with a premium cut steak and this two-step trick.

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Indirect Grilling

Have you ever grilled a beef roast? Well you can. And you should. Here's how. 

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key technique

Use a Thermometer

For the love of steak, learn how to cook it to the temperature you desire. Using a thermometer is the only true, accurate way to determine doneness. Recipe instructions and timetables are helpful, but your cooking surfaces vary, so reading the thermometer will tell you when to remove your beef from the heat. After it's removed the temperature will rise 5 - 15 degrees, so allowing it to rest 10-20 minutes will achieve the desired temperature and allow the juices to redistribute so every bite is perfectly moist and tender.

All. The. Recipes.

Search the Beef. It's What's for Dinner database for hundreds of triple-tested, home-chef inspired recipes by cooking method, beef cut, and meal type. Make it your first stop on the easy path to beefy goodness, every time.

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WABeef Favorites

Now that you've mastered so many cooking techniques, let's have some fun. Love WA beer and wine? Don't just drink it, cook with it! What's in season here in the Upper Left USA? Browse our collections of Pacific Northwest inspired beef recipes to add local flair to your everyday eats.

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