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Find out what seasonal recipes the Washington State Beef Commission has been cooking up live on television around Seattle.

what we've been cooking

This is not a drill! The sun is here people! And that means Summer Grilling Season has entered the chat.

We want you to be able to soak up the sun and get your people fed. So we've put together a line up of beef recipes perfect for everything from quick Tuesday night dinners on the deck to grad and dad parties, from celebrating that softball tournament trophy to celebrating your favorite summer holiday.

Because, together we bring more.

CHEESE(burger), Please

BUrger Bonanza

Grilled Onion Cheeseburgers

Making a Classic Beef Burger is as simple as 1-2-3. Burger. Cheese. Bun. But we've got some excellent burger recipes that will keep your burger menu fresh all summer.

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Keep It CLassic

FY22 Summer Grilling

Choosing the right cheese for your burger isn't complicated. We suggest soft, moist cheeses if you're looking for the melty cheese-pull.

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Summer Grilling: Steak Stretch

FY22 Summer Grilling

Just when you thought grilled Sirloin kabobs couldn't get better. This kabob recipe stretches your steak and delivers great grilled flavors with a garlic rosemary butter sauce.

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FY22 Summer Grilling

This might be the hottest recipe of the summer. Ancho chile spiced grilled Top Sirloin topped with jalapeno crema and a pineapple salsa and served as street tacos. Can't beat it.

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Beef Fajita Salad with Mango Serrano Vinaigrette

A quick marinade is a flavor game changer for Top Sirloin Steak! Grilled to perfection, with mango, onions and peppers, steak is a super food when added to to this fresh, nutritious salad.

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