Irish Beef & Beer Stew

Beef. Beer. You're Welcome.

We've teamed up with Ellensburg-based Iron Horse Brewery to bring you some delicious beef and beer-based shenanigans! 

2021 is all about making it work [ hopefully better than last year ]. So we've given you lots of options to celebrate St. Paddy's Day your way this year. And you can pick up everything you need at your local Safeway or Albertsons and be entered to win something even better than a pot of gold.

Get recipes loaded with delicious beef and beer here. If you have another :40 to spare, watch how a local rancher makes making local beer more sustainable by kinda sorta feeding it to his cattle. You're intrigued. Give it a watch.


Who needs a pot of gold when you can win a freezer filled with beef and a year's supply of Irish Death beer*?!

Enter to win through Safeway and Albertsons Just For U program, by purchasing participating items at your local store. Then take your beef, Iron Horse Brewery beer and other ingredients home to make any of the fun, festive recipes featured in these videos.

PRIZES: *Four winners will receive a 10 cubic ft. chest freezer, beef cuts valued at $1500, and a $500 Safeway/Albertsons gift card in compliance with Washington sweepstakes law related to alcoholic beverages. No purchase necessary to enter. See details in store.

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Beef + Beer Irish Stew

Celebrate St. Paddy's Day your way with this delicious stew of rich Chuck Roast, hearty root vegetables and flavorful Iron Horse Brewery Irish Death beer. This classic stew comes together quickly and then needs a few hours to simmer on the stove. Which gives you ample time for some St. Paddy's Day shenanigans.

Pro Tip: Skip a prep step by purchasing Beef Stew Meat eat at your local Safeway or Albertsons.

We suggest you soak up your celebrating with this Beef + Beer Irish Stew and a couple thick slices of Irish Soda Bread. [We also suggest looking at what you're pouring instead of a camera when it comes time to serve up dinner.]

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Classic Corned Beef with a Kick

Corned Beef is really just a brined and seasoned Beef Brisket. And it's incredibly easy to prepare especially if you've got a slow cooker. 

Just add your Corned Beef + Irish Death beer + seasoning packet then set it and forget it! After your info-mercial demo tape is done, roast your cabbage & potatoes with horseradish-butter sauce. Dijon Marmalade Glaze tops it all off with just the right amount of flair.

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Beef & Potato Pie

A cozy comfort food meal like old school Shepherd's Pie pairs perfectly with our often cold and wet PNW St. Paddy's Days. So channel your inner Irish Grand-Mum and embrace this stick-to-your-ribs dish that's just slightly spiked with Irish Death, Iron Horse Brewery's flagship smooth dark ale. 

We think Irish Grand-Mum would approve.

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So Long Leftovers

Science* shows that crispy rye bread filled with melted cheese, creamy sauce, tangy sauerkraut and tender Corned Beef is the perfect meal for post-St. Paddy's Day recovery. 

*And by science, we actually mean a few too many years of our own experimenting. But, whatever, you can't fault us for loving our research. [You're Welcome.]

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washington's Finest: Beef + Beer from here

Speaking of leftovers...cows don't go around chugging growlers and slurping out of IPA-filled troughs, but they do enjoy the leftovers of beer brewing. The brewer's grains leftover from the beer making process is mixed in with hay and fed to local cattle. 

Without a local rancher like Kyler to partner with, the grains from Iron Horse Brewery would have to be composed or landfilled. Instead, cattle convert it into delicious, protein-packed beef that just happens to pair very nicely with any of Iron Horse Brewery's ten tasty beers.

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