The Great Seattle Chili Smackdown

What happens when the Beef Commission tries to help a couple young cooks whip up excited beef chili for their tailgate party and chili taste-off?

Beef Green Chili

Andrew's Steak Green Chili

Beef steak, canned green chilies and Andrew's hometown secret ingredient (Fritos chips) make for a simple, savory combination in this chili that he prepared in just 25 minutes in an electric pressure cooker.


Rancher Recipe Beef Enchilada Soup

Kelly's Cowboy Beef & Black Bean Chili

Kelly's chili is a classic one, combining ground beef, tomatoes, chili seasoning and black beans. But there's a kick in there from dark beer and honey that will surprise your tailgate guests. This is a great stove top or slow cooker chili recipe.


Awe inspiring steaks

Bellevue's Highest Steakhouse

Checkout the steak house that is anything but stuffy and everything amazing. Looking for the perfect date night, a way to impress your in-laws or just a great steak? Look up.

on the go

Food Truck Ride Along: Skillet

It's that lunch time habit that has your mouth watering and tastebuds tingling. Ride along with Andrew and Kelly as they learn a little bit about Skillet Food Truck's amazing slow-braised beef Poutine. 

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A Cut Above

How To Be A Butcher

Kelly and Andrew wanted to meet with a local butcher (B+E Meats in Upper Queen Anne) to find out what cuts of beef to choose for recipes, how to cut your own steaks and a few tricks of the trade.


Party Time

For a new cook, entertaining can be overwhelming. Let Kelly and Andrew help you out with some easy (and adorable) appetizer how-to.

Mini Meatball Recipe

Mini Meatloaf Recipe

Mini Steak Tacos with Citrus Slaw

good morning

Protein Packed Breakfast

VStarting the day off right matters. Kelly and Andrew are on hand to help whip up a couple great beefy breakfast items featuring a simple lean beef breakfast sausage.

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