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What happens when fun-loving Seattle Millennials vlog about how much cool stuff there is to do with beef in their home town? Explore local ranches, restaurants, cooking classes, food trucks, butcher shops and watch Local Lens learn to cook beef at home!

Brunch Like a Boss

Food brings people together. It unites us. And is a reason to celebrate. So even when you can't gather up all your people, you can gather up all the foods you love and share a food experience. Local Lens and WABeefLove are here to help you beef up your brunch game. And the savory menu is right here:

Beefed Up Bloody Mary

Blending up your own rich beef broth and tomato base for this spicy morning cocktail is easy and worth it. Decorate your drink with a spicy rim, beef jerky, beef sticks or even a beef slider!

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Savory Beef Sausage Bread Pudding

Beef Sausage, Wild Mushroom & Artichoke Bread Pudding

Knock traditional sweet and cinnamon-y bread pudding out of the way and dig into this savory combination of breakfast sausage, wild mushrooms, artichokes and sour dough bread.

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Beef & Goat Cheese Egg Bake

Beef Breakfast Sausage and Goat Cheese Egg Bake

Crispy hash brown crust and creamy goat cheese eggs make the perfect partners for savory homemade beef sausage.

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Rocking Bar h Ranch

Kelly recently visited Rocking Bar H Ranch and got a taste of farm life {and farm life fitness} alongside rancher and fitness fanatic, Brook Hickle.

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Farm To Gym

Don't have your own hay bales and mineral bags to carry? No problem, we've designed a farm fit workout that you can do at home or at your gym!

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Hot Stove Society

It's time to take these two to school. Or at least a cooking class. Welcome to Hot Stove Society, where they teach you to cook beef and have fun doing it.

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Tailgate Time

What happens when the Beef Commission tries to help a couple young cooks whip up excited beef chili for their tailgate party and chili taste-off?

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Ascend Steak House

Checkout the steak house that is anything but stuffy and everything amazing. Looking for the perfect date night, a way to impress your in-laws or just a great steak? Look up.

Food Truck Ride along

It's that lunch time habit that has your mouth watering and taste buds tingling. Ride along with Andrew and Kelly as they learn a little bit about Skillet Food Truck's amazing slow-braised beef Poutine.

B&E Meats

Kelly and Andrew wanted to meet with a local butcher (B+E Meats in Upper Queen Anne) to find out what cuts of beef to choose for recipes, how to cut your own steaks and a few tricks of the trade.

party time

For a new cook, entertaining can be overwhelming. So the Beef Commission's own Jackie Madill popped into Kelly's kitchen to help out with some easy (and adorable) beef appetizer how-to.

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starting the day Strong

Starting the day off right matters. And Andrew's Pop Tart + SBUX addiction just don't cut it. So Kelly and Andrew are on a mission to find a couple great beefy breakfast items featuring a simple lean beef breakfast sausage to start the day with a protein punch.

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Ranch Hands

Local Lens trades Uber for horses when they visited the Mays Ranch in Ellensburg. This family showed them the ropes and how they're committed to raising healthy, happy cattle.