What is Beef Counts?

The Beef Counts program provides high-quality, nutritious beef to local food banks to help hungry, local families.

local partnership

Washington's Beef Community is proud to partner with Food Lifeline in western Washington and Second Harvest in eastern Washington. Both organizations work with a network of food bank locations in dozens of Washington communities. The Beef Counts provided beef gets to those in need through their tireless commitment to fighting hunger. 

In addition to a donation of at least $50,000 each year, Agri Beef Co. processes and ships the donated beef in-kind from their Washington Beef plant in Toppenish. This means that 100% of every contribution from farmers and ranchers or the public is used to supply more beef to those in need - not overhead or promotion.

How Can You Help?

Join Washington’s farmers and ranchers in fighting hunger by making your secure, tax-deductable donation today!

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