Slow-Cooked Whiskey-Molasses Shredded Beef

At Home With Beef

Go ahead, settle in. We're here to help you make the most of your beef purchases with proper storage, defrosting and (the fun part) some delicious recipe inspiration to feed your family. We've got homeschooling hot tips and kid-friendly recipes to keep your family healthy and happy while keeping you, sane.

Kitchen Roll Call

We're tenured beef experts here to help you thrive through this sucky situation. So let's make the most of your culinary talents (or plus them up if you're lacking, no judgement) with nutritious and delicious beef.  From food safety to cooking, to a couple life hacks you can't learn from a book, Beef 101 is in session.  

 Extra credit: Use virtual reality to visit beef farms and ranches and watch videos featuring real local ranchers to know more about where beef comes from. Call it home-school for all ages. We're here for it and we're here for you, just like Washington's roughly 9,000 beef farmers and ranchers working to keep local stores stocked with beef.

Beef Safety FAQ 

Chill Out

Removing Ground Beef from the store packaging is a great way to get more freezer life out of your purchase. If you're buying in bulk, this will help you create portions that are recipe ready. Bonus: this will shorten your thawing time when you're ready to cook.

Bring The Heat

A little #LifeHack for getting that frozen Ground Beef thawed in a hot minute (well, actually 3 minutes). If you put your Ground Beef in a zip-loc style bag before freezing, you're already halfway there!

Proper Storage of your Beef

How you handle your beef at home is important to quality and safety. When you get to the maximum days in the refrigerator, consider repacking your beef in freezer-safe bags, removing as much air as possible and storing it in your freezer to extend it's quality. 

Delicious beef snacks like beef jerky or pepperoni or sausage sticks should be stored according to the package directions once opened.

Steak Swaps

When you're at the meat case and realize your go-to grilling steak is out of stock, or there's a tempting sale on a new cut you've never tried, decision-making can be hard. Let us help you simplify with some simple steak swap tips that will ensure your steak purchase is everything your recipe requires and taste buds dreamed of.

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Ground Beef Favorites

Beef & Asparagus Pasta Toss Horizontal

There’s almost nothing easier (or more crowd-pleasing) than a meal made with Ground Beef. From fried rice to tacos, here are some of our favorites.

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Get Your Grill On

Grilled Steak and Watermelon Salad

Tis the season to grill and chill. From steaks to kabobs, burgers to BBQing tips, we're bringing the heat the summer.

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Cooking Lessons (for all ages)

Try Something New

Beef Brisket with Savory Carrots & Prunes

It's not often that we're at home all day without activities in the evenings. So why not try something new in the kitchen?

  • Slow cooking methods like stewing or braising are a great way to make the most of a big cut of beef, like a Top Round Roast. Large, lean roasts allow you to make more than one meal out of a single purchase so it's also budget-smart (this is the kind of homeschool math we excited about). 
  • Check out our Cook Once, Dine Twice recipe collection and say so long to those leftovers.  
  • Extra Credit: Skip a run to the store for sausage. You can whip up a batch or two of this tasty Beef Breakfast Sausage with just ground beef and a few common spices. Then start the day with any of these Beefy Breakfasts.

Cooking With Kids

Family cooking

Make the kitchen your homeschool classroom. Getting kids cooking is a great way to keep them busy as well as use math and reading skills, while encouraging creativity.

  • If a field trip to the museum can't happen, why not explore traditional foods from your family's heritage? This Beef From Around the World Collection has a little something from everywhere.
  • If that Spring Break trip to a sunny beach in Mexico is on hold, create your own Taqueria-inspired menu.  
  • Got older kids? Challenge them to start their own restaurant complete with menus and table settings and some top-notch dishes like these chef-inspired recipes.

Hello Homeschooling!

There are a lot of us amateur teachers currently wading through homeschooling our kids, or at least making an effort to keep life interesting and educational while staying home. Here are some opportunities for learning and starting good conversations about where our food comes from.

Take a 360VR Tour

Easterday pen rider

Take a virtual reality tour of farms and ranches across the United States to see how America's beef farmers and ranchers raise cattle to produce high-quality beef. With our 360° ranch videos, you can get a unique, behind-the-scenes look at how beef is raised. Start right here in Washington State at Easterday Ranches located just outside of the Tri-Cities.

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Meet a Ranch Kid

Say hello to Royce Schuster (and his dad Clay). They run the same ranch that Royce's great-great-great-Grandpa started in the 1880's. Talk about a history lesson! But for Royce and Clay it's all about how to use modern science to protect their natural resources and breed strong, healthy cattle so they can keep on selling beef to folks like you for generations to come.

meet royce > 

Visit myAmericanFarm to try your hand at Farm Life >

Older Students?

Make the farm to fork connection with this series of lesson plans that supports the documentary "True Beef". This guide contains 8 lessons designed for the High School Culinary Arts or Family and Consumer Sciences program, however, STEM connections have been included for all lessons making it easy for teachers to make connections across the curriculum.

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