The boon family

All nine of Dave and Yvonne's grandchildren have shown 4H projects at local fairs and are now beginning to actively work kid-safe jobs around the farms.

Western Valley Farms

Dave Boon's voice and laughter booms loud with the kind of warmth you can hear and feel before you even see him. He farms with his sons and volunteers his time as a leader in the beef and dairy communities. What matters most to a dairy farmer like Dave?

"As a parent it's gratifying to see your children share your interests. Having dedicated people do a good job allows us to work our family farms into the next generation. We consider caring for the land a top priority, but it's also about never losing sight of the value of our people.

That's good stewardship. That's sustainable."

Dave and his wife, Yvonne, started their dairy in 1974 and raised their four children. Eventually their sons, Steve and Jeff, became partners with Dave and expanded the family’s dairy. Today, Dave and Yvonne raise replacement heifers and feed crops at their farm in George, Washington, and haul that stock over to the dairy in Mount Vernon, Washington where the cows are milked. Having farms in eastern and western Washington allows the family to produce more of their own feed which makes the business more sustainable.

Dairy good recipes

In homage to all of the amazing dairy products and beef supplied from dairy farms in Washington, we collected some of our favorite melty, creamy, beefy creations. Patty melt, anyone?

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