Meet the rathbuns

Greg and Jennifer Rathbun with their children Abby, Tell and Taggart at their ranch in Moses Lake, WA. Read on to get to know them better.

Rathbun Angus Ranch

Moses Lake, WA

Greg and Jen Rathbun own and operate Rathbun Angus Ranch in Moses Lake, Washington. The Rathbuns have used generations of experience and knowledge to create a state of the art ranch and cattle handling system that works as well for their cattle as it does for them. 

They manage their land sustainably, producing hay and corn to feed their own herd along with other ranches and dairies. The way the Rathbuns manage their ranch results in high quality cattle that each year are auctioned and sold to other ranchers hoping to improve their Angus genetics to raise the highest quality beef.

Beef Cattle Genetics

Ranchers from the region gather at Rathbun's auction facility each year to buy bulls and females that will improve the beef cattle genetics of their own herds. Ranchers choose to bid on new stock based on both production qualities and beef quality. Cattle are marketed with data that's collected to help predict the quality of their potential offspring. 

Ranchers investing in high quality genetics is one of the key improvements that makes raising beef more sustainable. These high quality beef cattle allow ranchers and feeders to raise more beef with less cattle, which in turn requires less resources like land and water.

Starting Out

Tell Rathbun puts a victorious fist up after making the winning bid during the sale. The Rathbuns are third generation ranchers and the young fourth generation is carrying on the tradition by raising and showing their own animals. Greg and Jen help their children prepare for 4-H shows at county fairs, which give the kids hands-on experience and responsibility.

"It is so exciting to watch your kids take an active interest in what you do. Watching and helping them learn how to take care of cattle is really gratifying, and a lot of fun for me too."

- Jen Rathbun

The Power Of Lean Protein

Family Fuel

The Rathbuns are a very active family. When they aren't on the ranch, they are cheering for their kids at soccer, basketball, and football games. Jen relies on lean cuts of beef to get everyone in the family the nutrition they need to thrive. 

Get your own go-to healthy beef recipes


"Before I looked up the nutrition facts, I used to make my family beef entrees for dinner, and prepare a chicken breast or meatless option for myself to watch my weight. But now I pull together quick and easy meals with lean beef cuts, and I've never had more energy and success with managing my weight. It makes my life so much easier!"

- Jen Rathbun