Avila Dairy

Eddie Avila and his father John started dairy farming together in the 1990s. They designed their farm near Quincy, WA to keep cattle healthy to provide safe milk and protein-rich beef. Eddie and his wife Kevyn Avila, DO are raising beef and dairy cattle to be sustainable for the next generation they are raising now – and beyond.

Avila Dairy

Quincy, wa

From employee training on animal care to installing brushes that help cows and calves scratch those hard to reach spots, dairy farmer Eddie Avila and his father designed their dairy for cow comfort. The ultimate goal is for cows to have a healthy, productive life as milk cows, and for all of the calves born here to have a strong start. The heifer (female) calves will become part of the milking herd, while the bull (male) calves will be sold to another farm to be raised for beef. That is how Washington's dairies are an important part of the beef community.

Avila Dairy

Quincy, WA

Dairy Farms

Washington's dairy community is an important contributor to our beef supply. While heifer (female) calves grow up to produce milk, bull (male) calves are raised for beef. These calves generally enter Backgrounding or Calf Ranches at an earlier age than the calves raised on rangeland at Cow/Calf Ranches.

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