The Beef Burger Battle

What do you get when you combine lump charcoal, three local Burger Masters and a-whole-lotta local, fresh ingredients? You get a Beef Burger Battle that's both drool-worthy and worth the trip to your local Safeway or Albertsons to snag these fresh ingredients so you can get grilling today.


Meat The Burger Masters

Triple B

The Backyard Beast Burger is the spicy creation of Steve of @MexiBeastBBQ. This beef burger is built with the big flavors of chorizo and fried jalapeno "bottle caps".

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El Jefe

The El Jefe combines fresh pico, crema with a kick and hand-mashed guac. Created by Ryan of @RRCulinaryCreations, this burger is here to show you who's boss.

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LIneBacker Burger

A combination of crispy onion cheese melt, two smash-style patties and @SeattleButchersWife's secret sauce, this burger will tackle your tastebuds. 

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