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Grill and Chill

Jake the Steak is back, to help everyone savor summer moments and make a splash. Look for him in your local Safeway and Albertsons stores while you're shopping beef for the grill.

time to grill and chill 

Summer is a moment. A moment to grill. A moment to chill. Usually, that's the same moment. Ideally, that moment is full of sizzling steaks, burgers and cold Iron Horse Brewery beers. 

Buy beef and win

Look for summer mode Jake the Steak in your local Safeway and Albertsons stores. Opt in to the Grill and Chill sweepstakes in your For U app, and every time you purchase beef you'll be entered to win one of six $1500 Safeway/Albertsons gift cards.

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Most summer moments benefit from the addition of a refreshing liquid like craft beer from Iron Horse Brewery. It still pairs perfectly with all the sizzling summer recipes we came up with last year. Check those out below! 


Cheers, Dad!

The Big Man has a special day coming up. Celebrate Dad properly with the dynamic duo of T-Bone Steaks that combine a New York Strip Steak with a Tenderloin Steak. Crack an Irish Death Beer and add a splash to your BBQ sauce as well. Before you know it you've got a celebration on your hands, and on the grill!

Grilled T-Bone Steaks with BBQ Rub >

I Spy Jake Eating Thai

Jackie the Human grills a petite sirloin. Jake the Steak gets a little too close to the grill. This simple and delicious meal is fresh and fast when the week gets hot and long. This dinner's spicy savory sweet Thai-inspired flavors pair perfectly with a High Five Hefe by Iron Horse Brewery.

easy thai sirloin salad >


Summer is here and this tropical recipe is about to make waves! Spice up Rib Steaks with cilantro, cumin and ground red pepper then serve with a zesty, simple salad of grilled pineapple, red pepper and lime. Aloha Death is the brew of choice for this simple but splashy recipe.


Tri-Tip Tacos

West Coast is the best coast. We'll High Five [Hefe] to that! Grill up a few Tri-Tip Steaks, combine with an arugula-avocado mix, fresh citrus and crushed cashews for a Cali Coast-inspired summer taste sensation that's quick and easy for any weeknight grill sesh.

Cali Steak street tacos >

Put the Moo in Shu

It's adventure season across the PNW. Find Jake the Steak Grillenhaal and Jackie up on the ridge where they are making a perfectly portable, packable 5:09pm protein punch. This recipe wraps grilled Tri-Tip Steak, apples and slaw all up in a handheld and we're here for it. Choose an adventurey brew like Mel's Magic to wash it down while taking in the summer views. 


Zesty Is Best-y

This burger is here to party. From the Irish Death Ale-spiked barbecue sauce, to the zesty red onion mix-ins to the spicy pepper jack cheese, this burger is a great way to make your weeknight or weekend a little more exciting.

Zesty BarbecuE Burger >

Grill & Chill, Good Luck With That

Jackie the Human said she'd grill this week, but only if it was in a cool place with plenty of water. Mission: Accomplished. Fill your grill with the bold flavors of this Italian-inspired meal with garlic pepper-rubbed beef Strip Steaks, red onions, fresh zucchini, squash and thyme. And be sure to keep it cool by having an icy beer nearby (better, in your hand).

Strip Steaks with Grilled Onion Relish >

Sirloin Special

Jake let us know that the Petite Sirloin is his choice for Steak of the Week. Celebrate this lean, tasty cut by cranking up the grill and gathering some of your favorite summer fruits for an easy dinner. Combine your favorite fresh summer fruit and steak rubbed with vibrant spices and citrus zest in a colorful, easy to eat kabob. 

citrus-rubbed sirloin & Fruit Kabobs >